Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are uppers available?  Will other maufacturers' uppers fit your lower halfdoors?

A: SFZ upper doors are available in a 2 door configuration compatible with our lower doors.  Any other manufacturers upper door models will not fit or work with our lower halfdoors.  We are in the final design stages for our 4 door version of uppers and will make those available soon. 

Follow us on social media where we will make any announcements as we work to bring the upper doors to market.

Q: When will the SFZ upper doors be available for 2 door configurations manufactured prior to 9/1/2017?

A: They are available now!!!

Q: Do SFZ halfdoors seal and prevent water leakage?

A: Our halfdoors are designed so that weather stripping can be used around the edges but it isn't a pressure tight seal.  While it will reduce the amount of water leakage and lessen door rattle, any directed form of water, like a pressure washer or car wash, will bypass the weather stripping and allow water to enter the vehicle.  Deep submersion will also allow water to enter the vehicle.

Q: What areas are covered by Free Shpping and what service(s) do you use?

A: Free Shipping offers are only valid for shipping addresses within the 48 contiguous United States.  We use UPS Ground delivery service and if the item is small enough (e.g. the CB Mount) we will use USPS parcel post which usually takes 3-5 days.

Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii will require an additional charge.

Expedited delivery will require an additional charge.

For shipments to other parts of the world, email us first so we can determine if its feasible to ship to you and what costs might be incurred.

Q: Can the doors be painted to match my Jeep's color?

A: A better option, and our recommendation, is to have your door panels wrapped by an automotive wrap company.  This allows a wide range of color and design options.  Once wrapped, If you take your Jeep offroad and sustain any damage to the wrap, it's usually much cheaper to have a door rewrapped than repainted.

We don't recommend painting the door panels, for a number of reasons. Our doors are designed to be flexible and as such, paint does not adhere well if it's not mixed with flex agents and prepared appropriately.

Q: How can I adjust or improve the alignment and fit of the door panels to the door frame?

A: We make every attempt to manufacture and mount the hinges so that the door panels fit well.  But after use (especially if they are flexed from rugged offroad activity!) they may need to be adjusted.  We recommend the following:

  • The door latch is the primary component that ensures proper alignment of your door, and will need no adjustment.
  • Open the door.
  • Loosen (don't remove) the 2 bolts/screws in the top and bottom halfdoor hinge bracket.
  • Carefully close the door in the door frame and latch it.  You will have to lift up the latch side of the door, but just match it to its slot and close.
  • Make some 1-1½ inch long shims, from scrap wood (such as a paint-stirring stick or popsicle stick).  We recommend wrapping the shims with tape to avoid scratching painted surfaces.  The thickness of these shims will need to be adjusted to give you an equal spacing in the next step.
  • Insert the wood shims in the gap between the door panel and door frame.  Place one in front of the top hinge, one in front of the bottom hinge, at 2 or 3 points along the bottom gap, and at 2 or 3 points along the back gap.  The goal is to make the gap uniform and equidistant at all points and center the latch in the door to the latch hook in the door frame.  There should be enough *play* in the hinge bolts to do this.
  • Once you have the shims in position, enlist a friend to help with this next step.  
    With the door closed, have one person hold the nut inside the door, and the other person snug down the halfdoor side hinge bolts/screws.  Do not tighten.
  • Now open the door and lift up at the latch end of the door to pre-load the door as it will have sagged down when you snugged the bolts in the step above, now tigthen the bolts, but do-not over tighten.
  • Open and close the door a few times, it shouldn't snag or hang up, and it should swing freely on the hinge.  With the weather stripping, it should close snugly and with a little resistance.  The latch should catch with little dragging on the latch hook in the doorframe or the halfdoor material.  If it needs another tweak to two just loosen the bolts, but keep them snug and adjust that pre-load as referenced above.  It may take a time or two.
  • NOTE: we have found that once you have done the above, you may need to make one last tweak after a few days as the doors settle. You shouldn't need the shims again.  Just barely loosen the halfdoor hinge bolts/screws, and slightly lift up on the door to center the latch hook in the door material cutout.  After that it shouldn't need further adjustment unless -- and until -- it's abused during your offroad adventures (it's a jeep right! Cool ...).

Q: How do I become a dealer?

A: We are looking to expand our dealer network.  Please fill out this application if you would like to be considered.

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