Jeep Light Bar

Amber LED Light Bar 20 Inch 120W


This Lifetime LED Amber LED Light Bar is 20 inches and has 120 watts of LED power for your Jeep.  Now you have the option of using the Amber or White in this LED Light bar.  The 40, 3 watt, high intensity Cree LEDs add up to you getting 120 watts overall with this Amber LED light bar.   No need to avoid the adventure with this light bar, your new 20 inch Amber / White LED light bar is waterproof rated to IP67 so you can light it up in any weather conditions that come your way.
Details for the 20 inch 120 Watt Amber / White LED Light Bar:

Amber LED Light Bar
Amber LED Light BarAmber LED Light Bar
Price: $211.00

20 Inch LED Light Bar


This Lifetime LED 20 inch LED Light bar is perfect for mounting on your Jeep Wrangler.  This 20 inch LED light bar is a dual row with 40 3 watt high intensity LEDS to make sure your path is lit up and safe.  These LED Light bars have an average life of over 30,000 hours. Better yet, your new 20" LED light bar has a lifetime warranty so you can get out in the mud or on the city streets knowing your light bar will perform. These Jeep light bars are Lifetime LED Lights.

20 Inch LED Light Bar
20 Inch LED Light Bar20 Inch LED Light Bar20 Inch LED Light Bar
Price: $168.00
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